Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do- Champagne tasting

Thank goodness for twitter is all I can say. I met a lovely girl on there named Emma. She is a major wine buff and turned us on to the many tastings at Caves Auge. The oldest wine shop in Paris and her old workplace.
A couple of Saturdays ago Auge had a handful of small vintners come in and offer free tastings of their bubbly with discounted prices on the bottles. We were late, arriving around 3pm and this is what we saw: 

A packed sidewalk with desperate tasters huddled around the barrels.

We mustered our way in and were rewarded with many a glass of lovely champagne.

Sunny didn't really see what all the fuss was about.

The vintners were pouring tirelessly from 11am-5pm educating us on their specific process and taste points.

Most people were taking notes and really getting into it. We tried most of the wines as well and left with 3 great bottles which have since been consumed!

It was a great Saturday and we definitely reccomend logging on to the Auge Website and viewing the other tastings coming up. They have one almost every three weeks and if you want to benefit fully don't do what we did, Get There Early!

Do you drink champagne? Cava? Prosecco? Or are you a straight up red wine type person? I'd like to know so next time I come over to your house I bring the right bottle! ;)

Love and Hugs

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