Thursday, November 24, 2011

Do- Where to take your dog to the park in Paris

Here's in France dogs go everywhere, the hair salon, fancy restaurants, jean shopping with you but they do not go to the park! I'm not sure why but if I had to guess I'd say it's because Parisians do not pick up their doggies poop and they can't be trusted to go in the beautiful parks and lovely grassy spots you find throughout the capital. So unfortunately most of them are off limits for your dog.

Thankfully there is one off leash park in Paris and it's at the Louvre, naturally. My new friend Jennifer had a party there last Sunday for her girl Moxie's 4th birthday and we got invited!

The old Monkamonk was pretty excited to be there. When she saw Moxie from across the park she ran over as fast as her little fluffy legs would take her.

Here's a great shot of the off the park with the Louvre in the background so you can see what I mean. Thanks Mairin!

Sunny obviously got down to the serious business of playing. She is a social little monkey chatting with DSK the American Cocker spaniel and a small baby monkey.

She fell in love with a three month old Boston Terrier named Georges. Obsessed with younger men just like her Momma! ;)

While the dogs played we enjoyed vin chaud, pasta salad, muffins, apple crisp and more wine!

The weather was perfect and we stayed all afternoon soaking up the view and great company!

Soon it was time to go and give the birthday girl one last kiss before we were on our way home with a very happy and exhausted doggie.

What a success! We are so going back there Tuesday afternoon so Sunny can run and get tired before the big 8 hour flight home and to have one last look at one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in Paris! 

What's it like for dogs in your town? Can they roam where they please or are they confined to your homes? Apparently Toronto has a off leash dog park every few meters like the metro in Paris so we are pretty excited about that! Right Sunny?

Love and Hugs

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