Thursday, November 3, 2011

Do Thursday- First time Pumpkins

As you know last weekend we were in Metz. It was a long weekend, Vince's nephew and sister's b-days and Halloween all rolled into one. Léo is really getting into Halloween lately and was disappointed last year when not one kid came trick or treating to his house. So this year we decided to help him out by decorating his front gate with a pumpkin! That way the kids would surely know he was open for business.

We prepped the table with newspaper and Léo drew his desired scary face for the pumpkin on paper first as a stencil. Uncle Vince helped him cut ou the shapes.

The kids were a little less than impressed with the gooey insides and having to empty it with their bare hands. Lise decided to use a spoon instead.

Tonton Vincent trying to scare Léo and it was kind of working!

Lise preferred to wash and rinse the seeds for roasting later. (better than getting your hands dirty and slimy right?!)

Léo is pretty proud of his very first attempt a pumpkin carving!  And I must say it is pretty spiffy!

Mr. Pumpkin taunted us from the top of the fridge for the rest of the afternoon!

Did you guys carve a pumpkin this year? Was he friendly or scary? My Mom did a white one with flames! I also saw some that were just painted with no carving at all. I can't wait to get back and carve my very own next year!

Love and Hugs

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