Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Taste Tuesday- Quiche Lorraine by a real mec from Lorraine!

This weekend we've been in Metz with Vince's family. Metz is a gorgeous town in the northeast region of France called Lorraine. That's right folks where Quiche Lorraine comes from, and José, Vince's Dad makes the best version. He was so kind to share with you his technique here on the Sentimental Suitcase. Would you like to see?

I must tell you that José also makes the crust from scratch the day before. He also adds 1 or 2 onions which is not the norm but tastes great!

Many many thanks to José and Léo and Lise for all their help! We hope you liked it!

So tell me will you be making this for yourself? Do you like quiche? Did you know what a vrai Quiche Lorraine looked like?

Love and Hugs

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