Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wear Wednesday- Very Swell Project

Next Wednesday is my very first time at Alisa and Louise's Mad Men type cocktail project called Very Swell. It will be held at a very fitting venue called The Alcazar in Paris's 6e arrondissment.

The dress code of course is Mad Men and apparently taken very seriously! I love dressing up but honestly have never seen one episode or even a commercial for Mad Men. So I've been scouring the internet for ideas and getting a little nervous. I mean what the hell do I have in my closet that looks like this:

Or the beautiful Christina Hendricks: 

I love love love those big skirts but don't own a single one!

I might be able to find something closer to this:

I think in the end I will wear what I have (a cardigan and skirt) and concentrate on the hair and pearls. Maybe I can get my short hair to do a french roll? Yikes!

Either way I know it will be a Swell time!

Have you ever been to an underground dining/cocktail event? Do you love attending dress up parties? But most importantly, are you coming?????!!!!

Love and Hugs

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