Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taste- What we ate: a week in food photos

Last week was seriously busy with Mom and Dad in town from Toronto and moving back to Canada and all making this one week late! Sorry guys but I hope you aren't mad and still find a little inspiration here?

Thursday was lentil and sweet potato stew. So comforting and yummy. Lentils like beans get a bad rap but they are so good, come on give them a chance!

Friday lunch was a salad with those hot italian pickled peppers I love and can only find at the Friday market. I also put some avocado, red onion and sundreied tomatoes on there. Fastest and easiest lunch ever!

Saturday was Mushroom Bourguignon and gougère from the November edition of Vegetarian Living UK. Needless to say this was pretty amazing!

Sunday was roasted cauliflower soup with hazelnuts and bread loosley based on my hands down favourite food blogger Sara's recipe from Sprouted Kitchen.

Monday was more lentils! And a veggie bake inspired by Samantha at The Frog and a Princess. I used a beet, slices of pumpkin, green tomato and polenta.

And Tuesday sadly was my first soup fail. I don't know what I did wrong but this one just didn't turn out that well. :( It was supposed to be fennel, potato and celeri. But it kinda was blah and green? Oh well back to the drawing board!

So there you have it! Another week another plate full of mostly goodness! So please tell what did you have last week? Anything worth sharing? You know I love a good recipe!

Love and Hugs

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