Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wear- What's in your makeup bag?

I'm a beauty minimalist. I love a few really good products. However on the other side I love shopping at Sephora. I get all giddy over the outrageous eye shadow colours and those big compacts they have out right now for Christmas with 56 lip glosses and 97 eye shadows and 34 blushes, you know the ones. Not like I would ever buy one but I sure do like looking at them!

Got me thinking about the products I do use and wondering if you're like me?

My favourites:

Or maybe you're more like my Aunt Ann? She's all about hair, everytime I'm at her house I use all her awesome shampoos, conditioners, styling products and sprays! 

 Aunt Ann's top seven:

My Mom is serious about her skin routine. I always hear people commenting on how clear and soft her skin looks. I say it's genectics but she swears by Dr. Renaud products. A little pricey but worth every last penny according to Mom.

Mom's Beauty picks:

Now it's your turn, what can you not live with out? Have you figured out how to use that crazy fushia eye shadow by Urban Decay yet? Or are you a dove soap kinda girl?

Love and Hugs

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