Thursday, August 27, 2009

Making Mirabelle Pie

Good Morning Everyone! The other night Vince taught me how to make his favourite pie. Mirabelles are small yellow plums from the town of Metz where he grew up. Whenever we talk about pie this is the end all be all for him and I had been dying to try it. Mirabelles are finally in season so he picked some up at the market and we got to work. Thankfully it's super easy.
1. wash the mirabelles
2. put store bought pastry in your pie plate
3. cut mirabelles in half and arrange in the plate
4. put pie in your oven for 45 mins
5. eat your mirabelle pie!
Viola, it is delicious. Unfourtunately all the apartments in Paris seem to only have a toaster oven or this microwave that supposedly acts like an oven. It did pretty good, the crust was crispy on the edges but not on the bottom. It was so delish we ate it anyway! HA!
What kind of pies are you guys making right now?
Love and Hugs.


  1. Pies...okay I confess I am making pie, but just one...maybe two for Rick, an apple pie with apples from the Orchards that surround our house and adding losts of sugar to sweeten Rick up a little... Lots of fun!!

  2. Hi Aunt Lyn, oh wow Apple pie is my fav. No wait I really love strawberry rhubard too! I love how you are always using the freshest veggies and fruit. How's the juicing going?