Sunday, August 2, 2009

Place du Marche

Goodmorning Everyone! This is me sleeping in our mezzanine bed. It wasn't too scary up there and we slept pretty good throught out the night. Then we got up early and headed down to the outdoor farmers market at the end of our street. We picked up some french plums called "mirabelle", some berries, some green and yellow tomatoes and a beautiful head of frisee lettuce. Then we stopped at the boulangerie and got a baguette farine, pain au chocolate, crossaints and escargots and headed home. There I am trying to fit in with the locals at the market. The next picture is the outdoor of our apartment building and the last picture is me opening our apartment door. Breakfast was lovely and we are missing you big time! I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Miss you!

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