Friday, August 21, 2009

Thunderstorm in T.O.

On Thursday night after The Roxton we headed back to Brittany and Ryan's for dinner. The thunderstorm carnage was evident throughout the city. There was an eerie golden cast over the trees and storm drains were overflowing. You can tell by the look on Ryan and Mom's faces that there was a bit of pandemonium in the air. When we made it inside Britt whipped up some nachos and cheese and we happily chowed down after all the excitement. Did the storm effect any of you guys?
Love and Hugs.

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  1. I believe that that is the same face Kim made when we were growing up on RR#3, and a big storm was approaching. Memorable for sure! And Sam is that the face of a woman on a mission with the knife?? Yikes, storms do funny things to people. You guys always make the best out of a worrisome situation. Did kev have the active weather on his 'crackberry'? What a great time you must of had...It makes me so envious!! What fun your family is having together!