Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Small details from our apartment

Goodmorning Everybody! I just wanted to show you some small details from our apartment. First we have the leaving room area. There's the couch and the shelve above. We have some family photos framed and a few frogs. After that we have the small pooping area. As Vince has so nicely demostrated it's a tight fit. HA! It's great for those who like to feel safe and cozy while using the toilet.

Yesterday Vince went back to work and I was alone on my bike around Paris. At first I was scared but then felt more confident especially after navigating the round-about around the Arc de Triomphe. You know what I mean? Major traffic. But it felt good, I just wish I could have taken some photographs...alas I was all alone and "driving".

What are you guys up to this week?

Love you, miss you!


  1. Just wondering....Is that a reading light by the toilet?? Nice and cozy Sam, your apartment is great!! Love, Mom & Dad.

  2. You're funny, no actually it's an adapter for my hair strenghtner. It was broken so Vince's dad took it apart and fixed it and then couldn't figure how to put it back together so he just tapped it together with black electrical tape so it kinda hangs like that. HA! But that's funny it does look like a reading lamp in the photo. Love you too! Sam

  3. careful not to hit your head when you stand up!!!

  4. Hey guys the apartment looks great!! Can't wait until I can come for a visit!! haha although if Vince's legs are that cramped in your 'pooping area' then I'd hate to see what mine would look like!! Europe and their dam short people ;)