Friday, August 21, 2009

The Roxton

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share some pictures from last night. Mom and Dad picked us up and we headed over to a bar called "The Roxton". It's Mom and Dad's local bar right around the corner from their house. It's a cozy little place with a great patio for people watching. We got a round of drinks and sat outside talking and enjoying the weather until the thunderstorm came in. We hurried inside to sit at a booth and watched all the rain drenced people pile in. We got a few more rounds until the rain tapered off then got back in the car and drove over to Ryan and Brittany's for dinner. I've got some more pictures of that for you later on.
Love and Hugs and have a great weekend!


  1. Awesome....I want to be there...hey wait we were there, however at a different time of the day and with snow...What a cool place and right on your corner. Your smiles say it all, even the close up of Uncle kev...He looks to be in his glory surrounded by his great family minus the sweet frenchman, Vince!!!Soon though right Sam?

  2. ... And they have "50" on tap, $4.75 for a pint!!