Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Toronto Island with Britt and Ryan

Goodmorning everybody! I wanted to share some pictures from our great day yesterday. Brittany and I on bikes and Ryan on his rollerblades went down to the beer store and then to Keningston market for cheese and bread then drove all the way to the ferry terminal to head to Toronto Island for a picnic. It was a beautiful day and we wasted the afternoon away picnicking and meandering around the island. Brittany and Ryan took me to their favourite part called Snake Island where we were all alone and had a great view of the T.O. skyline. We even saw some airplanes landing in on the Toronto Island airstrip! On the bike ride back to the ferry terminal we stopped for a much needed ice cream. After we got to the mainland we decided that that was enough bike riding and walked our bikes up to Britt's restaurant and met Mom , Dad and Blake for a drink. Fun was had by all. Check it out.
Love and Hugs.


  1. Psst sam do not talk about the airplanes...they belong to the 'other' What a great day you must of all had!! I love your bikes and the baskets. Where are your bike decorations? can your mom and I come next time, 'cause we know bike tricks.. Hey where is the KFC for your picnic? Awesome fun!!

  2. Hi Aunt Lyn, I know they are Brittany's bikes. I will have to remind her to put a few cards on the wheel spokes attached with clothes pins! I would love to see your bike tricks!