Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doin' it!

I am an Artist
I am a Nurturer
I am a Leader

All according to the November issue of Oprah magazine. I’m a total sucker for magazines with a self help lean. Reminds me of my dear friend April and her tough love campaign. I always knew when I was with her I would have to answer the tough questions about myself and even though I was too nervous to ask them myself I secretly loved when someone else forced me to answer them. So when I saw the issue with the title, “Who Are You Meant to Be?” I couldn’t resist.
So the results of the test on page 186 by Anne Dranistsaris PHD were as above.

Apparently my true self is begging to be. And so….

According to the quiz:
1. I am an Artist who is striving to be creative. Even if I don’t have a singular artistic gift I am still drawn to the arts, anything creative and have a unique way for looking at the world. I need depth and authenticity in my relationships. I don’t care so much about adapting to groups or societal expectations, apparently my independence and sharp intuition propel me on my own path.
1.A) What “Artist’s” have to watch out for: When fear of conformity overrides my creativity I assume the role of the outsider and blame others for it. This lone-wolf stance is supposedly protecting my vulnerability. I also dramatize my emotions which interferes with my creativity. (hmmmm sounds about right eh? I’m soooooo dramatic!)
1.B) How I can tap into it: As long as I genuinely express myself I will feel like the person I am meant to be. How I do that is irrelevant.

2. I am a Nurturer who is as caring and supportive in my personal relationships as I am in my job. Unselfish and altruistic by nature, I often anticipate the needs of people around me before they are aware of them. If there is one thing that brings me satisfaction it is tending to the needs of others.
2.A) What a “Nurturer” has to watch out for: When I am doing things for people only so I feel valued I can become resentful. (so true!) So before giving my time to everyone else I should make sure to take care of myself. Also I should practice waiting until people actually ask for help. While I may be able to perceive what a person needs that doesn’t mean they want me to attend to it. (Whoa super hard)
2.B) How I can tap into it: It’s important for me to be genuinely of service in acknowledged ways. Volunteer work has my name written on it as well as many careers such as nursing, teaching, healing and social work. I shouldn’t feel pressured to run the company or lead the project, I may be more comfortable as some else’s right hand (Uhhh no not so much!) I will likely find working with other people more meaningful than flying solo.

3. I am a Leader who approaches everything as though I was born to be in charge. (HA!) I am confident, assertive and decisive, I know what I want and I go for it. (double HA!) I also look out for family, friends and community- I feel I know what’s best for them – and have no fear of confronting anyone who challenges my ideas (wow that’s why I annoy myself so often! Who do I think I am?) Taking the driver’s seat I generously donate time and energy to people and neighborhood projects.
3.A) What a “Leader” has to watch out for: When I feel threatened, or others refuse to go along with my ideas I can become confrontational and domineering. I have to practice letting someone else take charge on occasion. I could also try mediating; it can help me become aware of my controlling impulses and ease the anxiety that may be provoking them.
3.B) How I can tap into it: I will discover my purpose when I take control of my environment. I must find a decision-making role. This could mean anything from producing a play to spearheading a global campaign for something I care about. In work I am suited for leadership positions in education, government, industry, finance (HA!) religious institutions or politics. (Hmmm remember when Political science was the cool class to take in university? Anyone who was anyone was taking that class! Whoops not me) Anyways, apparently I can find satisfaction anytime I am given the autonomy to do things my way.

According to me:
What I am learning from this article and my near obsession with finding a fulfilling career is this. Making money at being myself is not the answer. I can do a mediocre job and still be the person I am meant to be my doing these things without getting paid for it. Seems so simple and don’t laugh at me. I know we’ve all heard it over and over before but maybe I have been just too far up my own ass or in dream land? But what if I do the job I can do right now (under the table English teacher) and then also fulfill myself in other ways, (volunteer to sit with old people in their lonely homes or take them out for coffee). Or work as an under the table waitress at a lame Irish pub where they need native English speakers and also join an outdoor photography class? Maybe after I stop worrying and debating in my mind and feeling extreme guilt I will get out there and do these things. What if while I am doing the mediocre job and the awesome extracurricular thing I actually find a niche and super cool small business idea?
Love and Hugs

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