Friday, November 20, 2009

Wistful friday afternoon

Tuileries Garden
View from my lawn chair in the Tuileries garden

Pretty teal tourist I couldn't resist taking a picture of in the Tuileries garden

Bike parked and ready for action

Good afternoon you guys! I am getting pretty sad about leaving Paris next week. Don't get me wrong I am over the moon excited to get back to Canada especially during Christmas time but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little melancholy about my new city and having to leave.
So this afternoon I rode my bike around the Arc de Triomphe (again) and down the Champs Elysee. They have all these outdoor makeshift chalets set up down the Champs with Christmas stuff to buy kinda like a German Christmas Market. I stopped for some cassoulet and got back on my bike and rode to the Tuileries garden and pulled up a chair. I ate my lunch and read my book with all the others sitting and lounging. It was 15C today and I didn't even wear a coat. Needless to say everyone was outside! After that I meandered down through the 1st and 2nd arrondissements window shopping and drinking coffee. I finally got back on my bike and went to Merci. It's a concept store in the Marais that I have heard so much about. Designers donate their goods and a portion of the sales go to charity. I was not disapointed. I wanted so badly to take pictures in there but was too chicken. Everything was so painfully hip from the simple flooring to the come into my living room style. It was so hip it wasn't hip and then was hip again, you know what I mean? Man the French are so good at not looking made up while actually being made up. It's that "je ne sais quoi" that I will surely miss.....

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  1. Nobody could blame you one little bit, Paris is a beautiful, interesting city. We had a great 11 days there in October. Can't wait for our next trip. Mom & Dad xoxo