Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things I will miss about Paris- Part 1

This post is dedicated to my Mom who has been reminding me through my bluey haze these last few days to keep my eyes wide open and enjoy everything they see.....
1. Lots of cheap wine and Champagne. I mean we got this beautiful bottle of St-Emilion 2005 Grand Cru for 10.00 euros. Can you imagine? Back home it would be like 65.00 bucks easy.

2.Exhilarating bike rides around the Arc De Triomphe. I know it's big and beautiful but riding your bike so close to it really makes you appreciate it that much more.
3. Bike riding with my Velib card. I love that I bike or walk everywhere. It's a cheap and easy and I always feel healthy after a brisk ride outside.
4. Cobblestone streets and alleyways. I don't know what it is but everytime I see one my heart swoons. Does anyone have the same reaction? I also love the way car tires sound on cobblestones as they pass me on my bike. Sounds so....Parisian!
5. My daily morning pain au chocolate and espresso. The pain is so flaky and warm and buttery and the coffee so strong and cheap. I love the smell of an espresso quicky brewed at the counter of a bar. I know I am supposed to love the muffins or donuts and coffee from Tim's but I'm sorry to say I think you've got a convert on your hands Canada!
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