Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things I will miss about Paris- Part 2

1. My handsome, kind, wonderfuly perfect French boyfriend!

2. The outrageous architecture everywhere. It's like a dream and you have to squint and make sure you are really seeing what you think you are seeing. And then you realize Yes! I live in Paris! It's not a dream!

3. The wafting smell of butter on every street corner coming from the boulangerie. I am not lying. They must be flowing on a river of butter in the back it's that intense. I love it!

4. The gorgeous elegant stylish Parisian women that inspire my fashion everyday. I have never walked out of the house wearing comfy pants.

5. Watching the Eiffel tower from my street as I walk home everyday. Nuff said.

And a few more....

The fact that my French was improving leaps and bounds…I was actually able to get into the conversation with Vince’s family

Watching skinny french women walk home with a baguette in their left hand eating off the top of it with their right hand. Stumps me everytime.

On the same topic, here there is a lack of diets and diet advertisements and crazy plastic surgery looking women brainwashing me into believing I need to look the same way. Also there are hardly any gyms and the freak attack health nuts that go along with them. I never overhear people talking about cutting banana's out of their diet because they have too many calories. Or people taking about getting up at 4 in the morning to take a spin class and run 25miles before work. Parisians aren't afraid of food and fat like we are and it's sooooo refreshing.

Perfume! Everywhere! You can wear it in public over here, gasp I know. Come over and wear your beautiful expensive scent where ever the hell you want.

Next up, the list of things that gets me so excited to come home to Canada!
Love and Hugs
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