Friday, November 27, 2009

Why Canada rocks and I can't wait to get there!

Hugs and Kisses and the free for all that is Canadain Friendlyness. I am in a barren land of polite smiles and nods overhere. I can't wait to get back to my people who all live with their hearts on their sleeves. I am going to smother all you with my hugs!

Personal space. Space to move on the subway and in the street. I'm gonna take deep breaths and expand my arms all the way out without hitting a single person in the head. And roam around my families and friends houses with ease unlike my usual persona, "Samantha the humongous bull in a china shop."

Here's to Shopper's drugmart and the Atlantic Superstore with the NSLC attached to it. I miss shopping in stores where I can get everything I need. Such a luxury!

Acutally wearing my comfy pants outside and not feeling bad about it. Hell I might even pair those comfy pants with the above sweater and feel pride and joy when Canadains pull me over on the street to compliment my sweatshirt. HA!
A few more:
Chit chating with friendly strangers on the street
Brown and white sugar and that's it. I have had a hell of a time baking over here. I am clearly missing something. I thought Brown sugar was in everything?!
Love and Hugs and see you all soon!
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