Monday, October 31, 2011

Be Monday- You are more than you know

 "Why do you think you are a small star when the whole universe is inside you?"
~Sidi al-Jamal

You may have gone futher away from it. You might hate yourself, say mean things all day long and think you are good for nothing. Maybe it goes something like this, "URGH! I didn't return that email fast enough, why can't I ever do anything on time OR I can never get a healthy dinner on the table for my family OR I still haven't lost those freaking last 15 pounds OR Of course I didn't get called to that meeting, I'm not smart enough anyways and don't have the same degree as that other guy."
Listen that doesn't matter. You deep down under all that is a perfect loving being and there is no escaping it. You can lose you way but it is always there waiting patiently for your return. 

If you have trouble letting go (some people like to punish themselves and think they deserve it so letting go can be too hard and I complelely understand and stuggle with this all the time too.) then try this: Close your eyes and visualize putting that to the side. You didn't let it go, it's okay it's just up there over to the side. Now look in the middle closer, deeper inside yourself. There it is! The loving perfect being you are, full of potential and love. Your best friend who is ALWAYS on your side. Now just rest here for a moment and appreciate it and maybe even smile a little bit?

Then take back the things you didn't want to let go and open your eyes and go about your day. But keep coming back to that 30 seconds of being your true self as often as you can. 

And tell me what happens.

Love and Hugs

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