Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cooking Class in the Quartier

Good Morning every body! Yesterday afternoon we took a 30 minute cooking class at a place called Atelier du Chefs right around the corner from our apartment. We paid 15 euros to learn and cook our own lunch! We made pork tenderloin medallions wrapped in parma ham and served with a zucchini jullein. I might be biased but I think our group made the most tasty version! It was frantic and fun! Afterwords we sat all together at a big long table and had a glass of wine, our dinner and dessert was a frenchie lemon merigne pie with a little expresso to send us on our way.
After that we parked our selfs at a terrace along rue de la boiete and talked about the class and tried to train mom and dad how to say some french phrases for when Vince's family comes to visit on Sat.!
Then we took Mom and Dad to L'Homme Tranquille. It's one of our favourite restaurants in the 18th arrondissement. Remember my last post about it? You can find it here.
Love and Hugs

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