Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Malta Update

Hi everybody, I just got off the phone with Vince.
He was boarding the plane in Malta and didn't have much time but he said everything went great. The Italian site manager really took a shine to him and asked Vince to email him with the apartment specifics that he is looking for for us in Malta and he will start looking for somewhere for us to live. Whooohoooo! That said...calm down Sam.
There was no offer from the Project Manager but Vince made it clear he wanted a decision as soon as possible and the Project Manager said he would be in Paris next week and would schedule a meeting with Vince and his human resources girl to finish the details.
So nothing in stone but still looking pretty good.
He's going to call me on his layover in Frankfurt with more details......
Love and Hugs
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  1. Lovely pictures darling. We're keeping our finger crossed for you guys....good luck