Friday, October 16, 2009

Paddling Versailles

Good morning Every body! This is a follow up blog to the last one. While Mom and Dad and the Aunts were inside the castle we were paddling our way around the large man made lake in the center of the gardens. It was 11 euros for a half hour. We first started out paddling together and then I let the man in Vince take over. Can you see the chateau in the distance of the picture with me in it? It was so romantic and serene....a perfect day in the park.
So what is everyone up to this weekend? We are taking it easy tomorrow and then hanging out with Vince's sister Delphine on Sunday hopefully. Maybe see a movie or go to an art gallery and then dinner at home. See you back on Monday!
Love and Hugs


  1. Hi darling, we are just home from Aunt Jane's suprise birthday party. That is such a great pics with the Palace off in the distance over your shoulder. Such a wonderful, peaceful, spot. Mom & Dad xoxo

  2. Vincent looks pretty good at handling those oars!! Mom & Dad xo