Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nathalie and Leo's celebrate their birthdays

Leo in his king's chair
Lise enjoying her doggie and her brother's monster truck

(L-R) Sebastien, Lise, Daniele and Leo "taking the apero"

Leo at his little table enjoying dinner

Nathalie cutting her cake with her sister Delphine looking on

Goodmorning Everybody! Last weekend Vince and I travelled to Metz to visit his family. Today is the birthday of his oldest sister Nathalie and her son Leo. How wonderful to share your birthday with your son eh?
On Saturday we joined Nathalie, Leo and 5 of his little friends at an indoor playroom. There were slides, ladders, balls and basically a kids dream fun room. The music was loud and they could run and play until their hearts content. After the playing came the cake in a private room with a kings chair for Leo. He happily exclaimed, "Today is my BIRTHDAY!"
Later on we headed over to Nathalie and Sebastien's house for dinner and cake to celebrate Nathalie. We had champagne and talked about the kids... mostly little Lise's interesting independant food views and played poker after "Risk" was voted down by the birthday girl. Fun was had by all!
Love and Hugs

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