Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Notre Dame de Paris

Good morning Every body! A few Sunday's ago we took the metro down to Ile de cite to visit the Notre Dame cathedral. It's a beautiful gothic church on an island in the middle of Paris. It's first stones were laid in the year 1163 but was built on top of the site of the former cathedral St Stephens which was consicrated in the 4th century. Needless to say the whole area is steeped in history and we were excited to explore it. We were lucky enough to arrive in time to witness sunday mass. Later we wandered around inside, lite a few candles for the grandma's and then headed over to a nearby cafe for a little susitanance before heading off to Versailles on the train.
How is everybody's week going? At least Monday is over right? Vince has finally taken off for Malta. The flight was delayed 4 hours this morning due to the ground staff at Orly airport being on strike. Go figure!
Love and Hugs

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