Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wear Wednesday- Let's go shoe shopping!

I've got a great trio of fall/winter shoes but am missing the everyday flat boot in the mix. It seems I can't stop buying dressy shoes. I can't convince myself to spend money on something practical! What's wrong with me! The low boots I wear everyday have holes in them and are so sad I couldn't bear to show you. So here's the other three instead:

These babies are from Massimo Dutti this season. I loooooove them! 

This NineWest pair was bought in India 2009 and I wear them with black evening attire.

These are my Steve Madden boots from 2006. They are a great pair of boots but the heel is just that much too tall for me to wear them all day. :(

This pair from Hudson is probably what I should be buying......

But wouldn't these Theysken's Theroy Wedges be more fun?

Or even this mint Jeffrey Campbell pair!  How amazing are they?

But nooooooooo I have to buy practical winter shoes or boots or whatever. So tell me what are you wearing on your feet this season. Fun or not so fun? Colourful or just brown? Practical or frothy?
And please tell me I can go splurge at Jeffrey Campbell instead of buying boring old winter boots! Thanks guys! ;)

Love and Hugs

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