Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do Thursday- Fontainebleau Castle

While Sunny was getting her hair done last Saturday we took the opportunity to visit our castle. (There are no Dogs allowed, not even sweet little fluffy white ones.) We decided to just visit the gardens and the grounds this time. Mom and Dad are coming to visit in November and we plan to visit the inside with them next month.

The Castle was built by King Francis in the 16th century and is apparently the inspiration for the massive gorgeous gardens at Chateau Versailles.

I was just like, "Welcome everybody, come on in!" "Oh this little place? Well no haven't you been to Marie's place at Versailles? This is nothing! Just a humble abode we like to say."

And then there were the peacocks. Holy crap I was standing right beside one and thought it was a statue and then it moved and so did I! I actually screamed. Poor birdie. But seriously how cool are peacocks??!!!

Reflecting on how lucky I am to live here. 

Wait there's more wildlife! Don't forget about the swans for goodness sakes! They are so hypnotic. I couldn't stop staring.

Photo for my Mom and Dad.

Then is was time to go. But not before our favourite weekend thing, Apero! Having a beer on a terrace. Oh yeah!

What did you guys get up to last weekend? Have you ever been to the Fontainebleau Castle? And Versailles? How would you compare the two?

Love and Hugs

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