Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taste Tuesday- Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

Last Thursay Milla invited me to join her for afternoon tea at The Royal Monceau hotel in the 8e arrondissement. How could I refuse? Thanks to my mother I love afternoon tea especially if there is champagne and mini sandwiches.

Unfortunately the Monceau's sandwiches left little to be desired. At first glance they look well made and exquisite but then the bad news, three of the four were meat. I had the cucumber one and the slices were cut too thick and to tell you the truth it was pretty tasteless.

Thank goodness the Pierre Hermé Ispahan made up for it.

That experience and the article in this months Vogue by Joan Didion seriously got me thinking about the afternoon tea sandwich and hosting one in my home. What kind of fillings and breads could I think of. Wouldn't it be interesting to break from the norm of cucumber and smoked salmon?

Well thankfully I didn't have to look far. The girls at Sunday Suppers always seem to have my best interests at heart.

How beautiful are these? And most of them vegetarian! Horay!

Karen and Lizzy created these flavours:
- Pea mash with Mint, White Radish, Olive oil, and Black Sea Salt on Rye Bread (egg shape)
- Blue Cheese, Pear, Violas on Mixed Grain (open faced Square)
- Tomato, Avocado, Salmon, on Brioche (circle shape)
- Cucumber, Goat Cheese, Sea Beans, and Flowering Broccoli  on rustic white (open-faced organic   loaf shape)

Add a little champagne and then that's an afternoon tea! What do you say? Late afternoon, next Sunday, my place?

Love and Hugs

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  1. Omgosh I cut out an article with super yummy looking tea sandwiches a couple months ago. They are good, veggie (mostly), and pretty. I will send them to you.