Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wear Wednesday- Signature Fragrance

What's your favourite scent to wear? Or are you still looking? At 32 years old I have finally found mine in the way of Versace Crystal Noir. It's a ultra feminine oriental/floral based on gardenia and amber and fits me perfectly.

My second favourite has to be Stella by Stella MacCartney which is a blend of rose and amber. So there you go I am truly an amber and flower lover.

But it took awhile to figure this out while trying everything under the sun. I used Insolence by Guerlin for a while because Vincent loved it. Apparently it's a fruity/floral with a mix of red fruits and violet. Which makes sense cause Vince loooooves red fruit anything. I'll admit it is pretty but too sweet for me. (Made me feel sick after awhile).

My Mom absolutely loves Acqua Di Parma Iris Nobile which is a soft floral scent primarily iris and mandarin flower. It's really lovely and I always spray some when I'm at her house and I even wore it on my wedding day but it's more if a special occasion fragrance for me not a guilty pleasure everyday one like my Crystal Noir.

I could have saved a lot of time and money if I just would have looked at my very first favourite perfume: Tribe by Coty (another oriental/floral). Do you remember it? It came out at the Pharmasave up town in and around 1990 and if you went to Musquodoboit Rural High school in the 90's it was all you could smell in the hallways.
But if you didn't love Tribe no worries there was always Exclamation to fall back on. Also made by Coty and came out around the same time (1988).
I find scent a very powerful memory receptor. Anytime I smell Light Blue or Hypnotic Poison I'm immediately back with my BFF's April and Sue and I love that. All I have to do when I miss someone is go to Sephora, spray a little on my wrist and have them with me all day!

I could talk about perfume all day but now it's your turn. What do you wear? What scents are you in love with?
And if you're still searching maybe these quizes and links can help you out.

Love and Hugs

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