Friday, October 21, 2011

Freeforall Friday- 12 by 2012 and an Award!!!

It's Listmania over here at The Sentimental Suitcase! Are you ready for this jelly? Did I just say that? YES!

Have you guys heard of this? Danni from Oh, Hello Friend has proposed a goal project entitled 12 by 2012.  I've seen it on a few blogs here and here and I am thinking I could use with a few challenges and ambitions to end this year off right.

So let's get started shall we?

1. lose 15 pounds
2. Secure a volunteer position at a wellness/healing/yoga/meditation type center in Toronto
3. Get a job
4. DIY all our Christmas gifts
5. Continue meditating every single day
6. Send Christmas cards with heartfelt well wishes in each
7. Send out our Wedding thank you notes
8. Finish my book
9. Join OA in Toronto
10. Bake every Sunday until I leave for Toronto with my honey
11. Provide photographic evidence of all the things I strike off this list
12. Go on that weird outdoor climbing tree thing in the woods near our house (Scary!!!)

In other news the hilarious girl after my own heart Samantha Vérant from The Frog and a Princess gave me the Stylish Blogger award! Can you believe that? Ahhhhh! I am over the moon crazy about this! That kind of thing has never happened to me and I feel so humbled and cool. Okay enough Ego, calm down little f*#%'er!

Anyways, in order to collect the award you must reveal 7 truths about yourself and pass it on. Fun!

 1. I believe in God. There I said it. Now you all know. I am spiritual. I think there are other forces at work that we can not see and I am only living half my life if I can't appreciate and explore that.

2. We are gonna start trying to make a baby in Jan, 2012! Ahhh!

3. Vince and I are sleeping in bunk beds right now (hence the not pregnant part) But don't worry still very much in love just have a tinytiny apartment until we move mid Nov.

4. I prefer to shower in the afternoon than the morning, is that weird? I just hate getting all cold and wet in the morning. I take a while to wake up.

5. I'm a vegetarian and a foodie/wine snob. Yes we do exist.

6. I'm actually excited to be moving to Toronto and living there. Yes we do exsit. ;)

7. hehehe I love making lists and my brother calls me Lieutenant Precise after my father Captain Precise who also has a small worry problem (BIG) and likes to make lists and check and check and re-check!

So now for my choice for the next Stlyish Blogger award! And the award goes to the most sophisticated colourful amazing cool woman I know Noelani from Mon Petit Chou Chou. Who am I kidding she's probably recieved this award more times than I can count she's just that stylish!

Congratulations Noelani!

Now tell me you guys do you have a 12 by 2012 list? I'd love to know what's on it! Do you want to share with me? I am so nosy! Indulge me!

Love and Hugs

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