Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wear Wednesday- My Fashion Lookbook and Pinterest

When I started getting serious about my health and my weight I began to get excited about clothes again. I saw a way back into my beloved fashion world that I had shunned for so long due to my oversized body and XXL self esteem issue.

I got inspired and started my very own fashion magazine of all the looks I loved, coveted and wanted to wear. I know how do you spell N.E.R.D right? I don't care I like little projects like this and thought what the heck maybe other people do too. So here I am sharing.

The outside is pretty boring right? Don't worry what's inside is awesome!

I became obsessed with the above cream Louis Vuitton dress

oh and this yellow J. Crew dress. I eventually got it! In perwinkle blue and I had to add shoulder straps but I got it!

I love classic lady like flats and these were a few of my favs.

And anything camel and leopard, I mean come on that's a no-brainer.

I also had a little makeup section at the back and bought this red lipstick which you can see me wearing here and here.

And a list of things to buy and how to pack by the talented DVF.

But what it's really about is working with what you got. I have an apple shape. In other words, a big belly but lean legs and proportional top. So I hide the belly and show off the clevage and legs. That's how I work with what I've got. Everytime I do this I shave 10 pounds off. I look taller, leaner and happier.
That being said I also think it's important to try a few things fashion experts say you shouldn't. Why not a skin tight red wool dress that highlights your belly? It might just work for you the way it did for me here. (I felt like a million bucks)

Finally it's time to retire the lookbook because I've got an online one now in my Pinterest. It's an addictive online pin board of all your favourite things and I am clearly addicted! Let me know if you're on it, I would love to follow you and if you need an invite I'm your girl! Have fun dressing and loving how you look kiddos, I know I will. (trying anyways ;)

Love and Hugs

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