Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do Thursday- White Yoga at the Eiffel Tower

Last Sunday morning we woke up early and drove into Paris for the White Yoga event guided by Elena Brower.

I got there early and took a place near the front and tried to take it all in. We were set up in between École Militaire and the Eiffel Tower.

And then I made a friend with the lady sitting next to me. Anne is a lawyer from Neuilly who wants to be a Yoga teacher. She was so smiley and kind and we got along straight away.

Finally it was time to start. Elena said a prayer reminding us about International Day of Non-Violence and Gandhi's birthday and how coming together in peace like this was such a beautiful gift to the world.

This is a video of Elena guiding us. I felt a big release and my heart open up like never before. It was completly overwhelming and felt so good that I cried. (through most of the practice and I'm not embarrassed, well maybe a tiny bit) But honestly she had the most emotional powerful voice and energy or maybe it was the people around me or the space but something special was happening. It was a happy cleansing cry. You know those ones where you just feel better after? Like that and I think that can never be a bad or shameful thing.

This was our view. Check out the late comers and extras that came after it was full. (We were 2000 people all together!) They laid out in the grass and joined in!

She had us all laughing as we were trying to get into the traingle pose.

During the whole time Elena was teaching she had a musician playing softly on the contrabass. It was as intuitive as her practice. I felt like neither the musician or Elena knew what was going to happen next. It all just kinda, went.

On our way home I called my Mom to catch up. As I was trying to describe how it felt I thought of an 'e' word but I couldn't find it until today. I meant to tell you Mom that it felt Euphoric. Perfectly Euphoric.

Please tell me, have you ever practiced Yoga in a large group before? Or outside? What did it feel like?  Did you ever cry?

Love and Hugs

P.S Thanks so much to my husband Vince for driving us in, taking photos and then feeding me lunch. You're so awesome and I love you.

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  1. Wish I was there to do that with you. That would have been amazing!