Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wear Wednesday- What we wore: Bride and Groom

Hey guys wanna see the details of what we wore to our wedding? I love looking at other brides pictures and finding out how they put the whole thing together so I thought you might like to, too?

The hairclip- Mom assembled it in my hair literally as I was getting ready. She picked up the flower at a shop on Queen West in Toronto along with the feathers and an antique broch. She's a creative powerhouse I tell ya.

The shoes- were comfy green suede sling backs from CosmoParis.

The jewels- My earrings are diamond and pearl spirals from Birks that my parents gifted me for my 30th birthday and the bracelet I won on a wedding giveaway. My Aunt Jane re-worked it, taking off the ribbon and adding clasps to make it into a bracelet instead. My family is full of creative ladies!

The viel- from Pronovias and is the most luxurious and beautiful thing I have ever owned. It's made of french silk tulle with intricate lace around the edges. I'm trying to think of a way to use it in the future. Maybe a canopy over a baby bassinet?

It was catherdral length and totally not what I imagined I'd pick. Maybe not the best choice for an outdoor wedding but what can you do? The heart wants what the heart wants and man did mine ever want that veil! Thank you so much Mom and Dad.

Vince's suit- a three piece very well made suit from De Fursac.
Vince's tie- a silk pink/grey/taupe checkered tie from Paul Smith.
His accessory- a hankerchief from Etsy I had embroidered
His shoes- beautiful brown leather shoes from Hardridge that he's owned for years!

The dress- is Medina from Pronovias Spring Summer 2010. We bought it at Balletts in London Ontario the very same place my Aunt Jane bought her dress ten years earlier.

I fell in love with it right away and cliché as it may be I cried when I tried it on. I loved the material and especially the skirt with the pick up in the front. I felt sexy and beautiful and skinny! I also felt like my boobs were somewhat under control. I had started to succomb to the idea of having to pull up my top all night while wearing a strapless dress. I thought all the ones with straps would be matronly. Not so!

Vince's shirt- lucked out and found a great deal at Izac.
We escaped at the end of the night and forgot my veil, Vince's jacket and vest. Thankfully the best man had us covered and brought them back with the bus load of happy boozey guests a little later.

Vince shirt was soaked through. He brought another one with him in case this happened and would have to change. He never did, I didn't ask him too. We were just having too much FUN dammit!

I would lovelovelove to know what dress or suit you wore or a want to wear? Did you accessorize with already owned pieces or go all out and buy new ones? What was/will be your favourite part of your look? Come on girls and boys, spill the beans!

Love and Hugs

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