Friday, October 28, 2011

Freeforall Friday- What's your favourite Halloween movie?

Every Halloween at my house was so much fun mostly because of my Brother and his love of all things scary. He was a Dracula, shark and Micheal Jackson's Thriller freak and I loved it. I think that's the main reason Fall is my favourite season. We would dream and plan our costumes for months. It was Chrsitmas and Halloween, the two best holidays of all time! And you couldn't have Halloween weekend without a proper scary movie, right?

A few or our favourites were:

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Acutally I think this was just me. I'm a sucker for Holiday themed t.v. episodes.

The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror. This is new on the list and actually Vince hates it! Isn't that funny!

Beetlejuice. I mean what can you say but Bettlejuice, Bettlejuice, Bettlejuice!

Translvania 6-500. Oh man this was on the very top of our list. We would ask to rent this everytime we got babysat. As I grew up I developed a mean crush on Jeff Goldblum and I'm pretty sure this movie is to blame.

Dracula. I only saw this once but wondered if you saw it too? Did you feel bad for him?

Ghostbusters. Well of course you can't have Halloween with out the Gate Keeper.

Young Frankenstein. Gosh I love Gene Wilder and Mel Brookes. Makes me so happy just thinking about this movie.

But to get our fix every single Saturday morning (Halloween or not) at 7am we would watch The Hilarious House of Frightenstein. Do you remember it? It had Vincent Price and the Wolfman as a DJ and Igor and The Librarian and that scary Witch who cooked? No well maybe the opening song will remind you.

So what movies or t.v. shows can't you miss during Halloween? Do you watch funny ones like me or love the super scary ones? Are there any Halloween traditions in your house?
I hope you have a very scary Halloween my friends!

Love and Hugs

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