Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do Thursday- Cinéma au clair de lune

Cinema au clair de lune is an outdoor movie event held in Paris though out the summer. When I was little Mom and Dad used to take us to the drive in theater in London Ontario near the big Macdonalds on the know the one? Now it's a Price Club I think? Anyways it was awesome. Mom would dress us in our p.j's and we'd sit in the back of the car and wait for the dancing hotdogs and popcorn to come on the screen at the admisson time. I hadn't watched a movie outside in so long and was so excited to check this out!

We took our velib bikes all the way over to Le Bois de Vincennes in the 12e expecting to sit in the grass....not so. It was in a parking lot near Le Bois! What!

Also for some reason Sunny was less than impressed, maybe the lack of grass was getting to her? Finally after looking for a semi-grassy spot we found a place to sit but she still looked pretty unhappy even after finding a stick to chew on.

Once we got the food out she was a little bit happier. We paked a light dinner of salads, hummus, cheese and wine.

But as it got dark she grew more scared and barked a lot which is not her thing. Kinda sucks cause we love to camp and thought she would too. Guess she's a glamping girl all the way.

The movie was good and lighthearted but the venue was not what we hoped for. (gravely and pavement) I honestly don't think I would go again. Sorry Cinema au clair de lune guys! maybe get a vrai pelouse and we'll be back next year.

Do you love watching movies outside or are you a comfy couch, fireplace, popcorn movie type person?

Also do they have drive in theaters anymore? Just thinking about it makes me crave root beer for some reason.

Love and Hugs

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