Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do Thursday- Climbing mountains

Well not really just up a little hill near the Fontainebleau Castle. Wanna come with us? Coooome on, you'll feel better after!

The first part was this neat cobble stone walkway that I imagined was an old trade route or maybe for knights and horses from the Castle? It looks like there were even some trenches?

Here's the welcome board. It's rated easy and about 2 hrs long. Man I wish I could read better in French. But honestly early Saturday morning after a wine n dine evening the night before...not gonna happen!

Anyways. "Almost there Monkey! Keep going!" Sunny loves going on walks and runs in the woods. For an indoor lap dog she is quite the little outdoor enthusiast.

 "Don't worry about me you guys! Yup, no problem I'm just back here!"

It promised a great view and delivered. Fontainebleau forest is beautiful and expansive. It's lovely to see it from up here where you can tell how small the village/town really is all nestled inside the forest.

We went off track, thought we were lost and joked but felt kinda scared about Robin hood type hoodies hiding in the forest waiting to attack us! Ahhhhh!

Thank goodness it was actually part of the route! We ended up back at the bottom where we were suppossed to be with our Saturday started off right and a very dirty doggie!

Do you guys love walking in the woods as much as I do? Even in the suburbs I long to get off the pavement and into the woods. Where's your favourite place to get some exercise?

Love and Hugs

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